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In Memory of Dan, Part 6

100 Little Thoughts About God,

Man and Society

By Dr. Dick van Geet, Utrecht, Holland

Dr. Dick van Geet

Dr. Dick van Geet


We say about ourselves (and other human beings): ‘When I was 20 years old…’. Or: ‘when I went to China in 1995’ etc. But how can we say such a thing ? Who is this I ? No single cell in our body is the same as when I was twenty. Or when I went to China. Or when I was a child etc. So was this no other man ? No, the remarkable thing is: how much I might have changed, how much my body is totally different, it was nevertheless me. It was the same person. A  person basically remains unchanged. Does this not convincingly prove  that we not fall together with our bodies, but that we transcend our bodies ? That we are more than bodies and in fact eternal creatures ?


If life would end with death, if there is no eternal life, in the last resort everything is meaningless.


Eternity should not be confused with a ‘very long time’. It is timelessness and that is a thing we cannot imagine.


1. An apple that has fallen from a tree will start rotting after some time.The same might happen to us and to our thinking and behaving if we fall from our Tree.

2. Don’t say people don’t have love. On the contrary, most of them have plenty of it. If you watch man carefully you will see that most people love themselves with their whole mind, their whole heart and their whole soul. Loving yourself is good, but if that is all and nothing is left for God and your neighbour we have arrived at the basic cause and principle of all evil.


According to evolution theory our senses and brains are just accidental products of evolution. But tell me, with what did we invent this very theory itself ? Yes, with  these accidental products. Formulated otherwise: if evolution had turned out a bit differently – and why shouldn’t it  – our senses and brains would have been differently and we might have invented a completely different theory ! So how could this theory claim absolute truth ? Is the evolution theory hence not contradictory in itself ?

About Anne –  today was a better day, sun all day, worked indoors on notifying agencies and companies, and  Social Security that Dan has passed from this life.  It took 4 phone calls and an 8 minute wait before I spoke with anyone at So.Sec. (It was very painful, but the calls have to be made.) I also had to stop a charge on Dan’s credit card that someone we don’t know made today.  But I did get outside at 5 p.m. for a 45 minute walk in the sun.  I’m okay.  I work awhile, then I cry a little, then I work some more, and then I cry some more.  God will help me through this. — Anne

After a 45 minute hike up a trail above a sheer cliff, the van Geets and Boyds had lunch in Austria.

After a 45 minute hike up a trail above a sheer cliff, Dick took a photo of Hanny, Dan and Anne where we had lunch in Austria.

Dick and Dan out for a walk near Groebmning, Austria.

Dick and Dan out for a walk near Groebmning, Austria.

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