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In Memory of Dan, Part 7

100 Little Thoughts About God,

Man and Society

about subjects I had the privilege to discuss with my dear friend Dan Boyd during 48 years

By Dr. Dick van Geet, Utrecht, Holland

Dick & Dan talked while hiking in the Austrian Alps

Dick & Dan talked while hiking in the Austrian Alps


1. Are we taking ‘Our Father in Heaven really serious ?

It is prayed all around the world every (sun)day: ‘our father in heaven…’. But do we really believe such a thing ? How seriously are we taking it ?

A father is the source and cause of your existence. Someone whose characteristics you have inherited, whose genes you received. Do we really believe that ? Or do we only believe in someone who takes good care of us, who protects us and maybe guides us ? Of course the latter is of the utmost importance. But a father is more. Aren’t we in fact praying: ‘Our good uncle in heaven… ?’ Maybe we only start realizing who we really are when we start considering our Father in heaven as our real Father and live in accordance with the One we stem from. Until that moment we just remain part of the earth.

2. For someone who had terrible experiences with his (earthly) father it might be hard to have any positive association with the idea of a father at all: it is connected with huge negative thoughts; the word father is almost synonymous with the word tyrant. For him or her more ‘mother-type religions’ might be more attractive.

3. Maybe we should substitute praying ‘give us today our daily bread’ for ‘give the hungry people daily bread and save us for our eating-seduction.’

4. Some people say: ’children are punished because of the sins of their fathers’. But how could they say such a thing if they also state that God is our Father. By definition He has no sins!


1.  Free Will and Determinism are not contradictions.

2.  Trying to do the will of God is not slavery.

3.  Stimulating other people (children, friends, subordinated, etc. to think and act freely should not be confused with expecting them to use their free will by thinking and doing as we would like them to do.”

This concludes the thoughts so lovingly contributed by our dear friend, Dr. Dick van Geet, with whom we have shared so much.  Thank you, Dick and Hanny, for standing by us, encouraging us all these years.  — Anne

ABOUT ANNE – Today I actually got out of the house to run errands.  The drive was pleasant, but suddenly I felt so sad without Dan beside me.  Peet’s coffee tasted good, but memories of sitting at sidewalk cafes, drinking coffee with Dan flooded my mind.  I cried the entire time the car was going through the car wash.  There is no way to schedule tears.  Rejecting tears can drown a person. Thank you, Father, for helping me make it through this. — Anne

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