A Foggy Day Can Still Have Joy

July 25, 2009 at 7:57 am Leave a comment

Today was really a mixed bag.  The fog is affecting me just like cloudy days do.  I haven’t counted how many days of fog we’ve had in a row, but I’m running on “low battery.” I’m thankful that using the BioBrite light visor or the Apollo GoLight keeps me from sliding into total lethargy.

However, several very good things happened today.  First of all, Don and Joann Hall, faithful supporters and encouragers, introduced me to their friend who they think will be a good Secretary for God’s Children.  When we have her responsibilities clearly outlined, and the Board has officially elected her, I will announce her name.  I will say that she has been on many mission trips overseas and is a very kind lady who follows Jesus.

We still need a new Treasurer – someone trustworthy who enjoys accounting using the computer, and loves helping people overseas. I will appreciate your prayers about that.  God will provide.

I was blessed to have a good visit with Adolf and Reka, and also with Attila today.  It helps my attitude when I can talk with friends who have chosen to be my Romanian family. God has blessed me with a big family!  I made a list today of what I need to do to be ready to go.  In less than 3 weeks, I will be in Sfantu Gheorghe – – on 13 August.

I have started fund raising, but have not yet sent out a general request in an e-newletter.  I hope to do that soon.  Good things are developing.  When I asked God for a message to help me and you, this is what He gave me from God Calling by A.J. Russell, “Drop those burdens.  Our God is our supply.  Look to Me for all…rely on Me for all.  Drop those burdens, then you can go on your way, singing and free, rejoicing.  Encumbered with them, you will fall.”

“Drop them at My feet, knowing that I will surely lift them and deal with each one as is truly best.”  Are you listening? — Anne

There are many beautiful places in the world.  Heaven is more lovely.

There are many beautiful places in the world. Heaven is more lovely.

Remember that smile?  Dan is smiling now because he is Home with God.

Remember that smile? Dan is smiling now because he is Home with God.

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