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Wrapping Up

Sometime the bills for Dan’s medical care will surely stop coming.  I hope I paid the last one tonight.  Oh, I just remembered…there are two bills for regular doctor’s appointments that Medicare won’t pay because Dan was in Hospice Care. The charge for each visit was over $500 apiece…to sit and talk.  No one told us that Dan could only see Hospice doctors.  If our Secondary Insurance won’t pay it, I’m going to call the doctors myself and ask that they adjust the bills downward.

Tonight, I even filled in the survey questionnaire sent by the Plastic Surgery Department at UCSF giving them a good to very good rating in all areas.  I paid for my plane ticket to Texas for the Memorial Service.   I paid the bill for shipping 4 boxes of our things to California, 2 huge boxes to Searcy to go in the 40′ container going to the Covasna County Red Cross (in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania), 3 boxes of my counseling books, winter clothing, and a few household items headed to Romania.

I still have to phone one credit card company to report a charge on one of Dan’s cards after he passed.  I don’t use that card.  (He certainly did not buy something a month after he left this earth. He has everything he needs where he is!)  I list all these things to give those of you who have not gone through being a caregiver and losing a loved one an idea of what it is like.

The fog continued all morning.  About noon, the sun broke through for an hour or two.  I made myself set my work aside and went for a walk.  Stopping at the coffee shop, I found a book to read and sat in the sunshine on the patio until the clouds hid the sun completely.  This afternoon, the fog began to roll back in from the ocean.  Ah, well, that’s life here on the northern Pacific Coast.  Perhaps the best news today is that for dinner we had the most delicious homemade pizzas that have ever touched my lips!  There are several good cooks in this household!

Tonight, I quote from God Calling, by A. J. Russell again, “Jesus, you are watching over us to bless and care for us.”  “Yes, remember that always–that out of darkness I am leading you to the Light.  Out of unrest to rest.  Out of disorder to order.  Out of faults and failure to perfection.”….Fear nothing.  Hope ever.  Look ever up to me and I will be your sure aid.”

Thank you, Jesus.  — Anne

Lovely gardens are all around here.

Lovely gardens are all around here.

The gardens add much joy to my walks..when I can get outside.

The gardens add much joy to my walks..when I can get outside.

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