Sunshine, Then…Fog Filled My Heart

July 27, 2009 at 7:24 am Leave a comment

This morning I thought I saw sunshine peeking through the curtains…but, no, a thick fog covered the Pacific.  Moving slowly, I got ready for church.  Driving over the winding mountain road beside the Pacific I found myself wondering, “There are no real hairpin curves here?  Hummm, Is this a 90 degree angle here?  Ah, yes, that is!  360 degrees in a circle…” as my mind went back to school days when we studied angles.  I was surprised to realize that my driving skills must be quite good because that road is easy to drive…or is it the little Saab sports car that hugs the road making it easy to drive?

As I rounded the last almost hairpin curve leading down the north side of the mountain, sunshine beckoned off in the distance!  Though thick fog was hovering over the top half of the mountains, the sun was bright in Pacifica.  We had a very helpful lesson, “In His Grip…Staying the Course in Distressing Times,” based upon Isaiah 40.  Verses 27, 28 tell us that God is completely on top of our situation.  And verses 29-31 tell us why we need to stay the course, “those who wait upon/hope in/trust the Lord get fresh strength.”  When we are suffering hard things, we keep on keeping on.  That’s what carried Dan and me thoughout his illness…and keeping on keeping on waiting –  hoping in – trusting the Lord – is what is carrying me through my time of grieving.

I bought lunch at the Safeway Deli, and sat in the car with the windows down beside the Pacific Ocean – no, I did not put the convertible top down.  The sharp wind was too cold for my ears!  As I ate, I watched the waves rolling in.  Ah, the sunshine was delicious.  Coming back south of the mountain range, fog greeted me.  Even though it knocked most of my energy out of me, I kept on keeping on. God is my strength, my helper in distressing times.  — Anne

I haven't seen the beach like this in a couple of weeks.

I haven't seen "our" beach like this in a couple of weeks, but that's okay.

Fog rolled in making it so quiet outside

Fog rolled in making it so quiet outside

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Wrapping Up Another Day of “Too Busy”

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