A Glimpse of More of Dan’s Conversations with Dr. Dick van Geet

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Much to my delight, the rest of the “100 Thoughts” Dr. van Geet wrote down in memory of Dan have surfaced.  These made it through Cyberspace to my computer last week.   Both Dick and I will appreciate any thoughts you may have about these statements.  May these thoughts draw you closer to God.


1. ‘There is not such a thing as good and evil’, the naturalist said: ‘it is just an illusionary invention of human beings’. But by teaching us this ‘truth’ he was convinced to make a good statement about what he considerd as a wrong (evil) misconception; thus refuting his own statement.

2. Evil is not an exclusive quality of any nation, race, political system, doctrine or theory. It hides in every human being, in human being as such. It can awake in any person, in any place, in any nation, in any race. No person or group has a monopoly.


Every real good action, any good deed makes a person a little bit better. Any bad deed a bit worse. But good means: done without self-interest, without the hope of a reward, be it in this life or after.


The Spirit is always trying to guide us to our destiny, to the person that was intended when we were created. This applies to every human being, not only the believers. Follow this Path, follow your bliss, nothing is more important. But both the outside worlds as well as our eagerness and greediness are continuously trying to send us in another, a wrong direction.

–more to follow.

A precious young mother wrote today, “How is your heart?  How is your spirit?”  My heart misses Dan; my spirit is subdued.  But I feel very blessed today.  This afternoon, my family honored me with a going away party.  Over 30 friends from church and the area came to learn about the work of God’s Children in Romania.   As I told of how God is letting me serve Him in Romania, I felt a deep joy, a sense of direction…a reconfirmation that Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania, is where God intends for me to be.

— AnneDCP_0069

Dick and Hanny with Dan in Holland

Dick and Hanny with Dan near their home in Holland

Anne, with Dick, & Hanny at their home in  Austria

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What Is Life All About? “100 Little Thoughts about God, Man and Society”

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