Serious Packing Begins

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Today was a day of quiet reflection. The house was quiet.  It created the atmosphere I needed to feel what is deep inside. The scripture God gave me was  part of Stephen’s sermon in Acts 7 (vs. 7), ” ‘Leave your country and your people,’  God said, ‘and go to a land I will show you.’ ”   It is no coincidence that my Bible opens to that passage often.

Today began with grey fog.  Later the sun burned the fog away.  But clouds were hiding the sun when I managed to get down to the beach.  I stayed for 1 1/2 hours watching the quiet swells rolling towards land, breaking into 12′ – 15′ high waves before they hit the shore.  The rhythm of the waves relaxed every muscle in my body.

When, I came back to the house, I worked at not doing any packing.  Moving is stressful for me.  I normally put it off as long as possible.  So, I am beginning early.  Tomorrow I hope to get my International Driver’s license at AAA, get my hair trimmed, buy groceries, let the chiropractor work on my sore shoulders…and pack some more!  With God’s help, step by step, doing one thing at a time ,  I’ll be ready to fly half way around the world to Romania next Tuesday.  — Anne

And, now, more from “100 Little Thoughts About God, Man, and Society,” written by Dr. Dick van Geet in memory of Dan and the conversations they had during 49 years of friendship:


Looking back in my life I discover this: what seemed extremely important to me afterwards often turned out of little value. While matters of seemingly secondary importance appeared  to contain the real thing. Many troubles you can hardly remember, but you remember quite well  the friend who helped you to overcome them.


Who believes in the creation cannot consider himself as inferior. Nor as superior.

Man is well-created

Remember the words of Genesis where repeatedly was said: ‘And God created… and saw it was good’.  Now we believe that God also created every human being. So if we combine the two it reads: ‘And God created Tom Brown and saw it was good’ Or: ‘And God created Elisabeth… and saw it was good’. Many people have identity problems because they do not really believe the above. If they just realised, deep in their hearts, that it was God’s will that they exist and that He created them well, as a unique person, no one could convince them that they are not worthwhile, not OK. But of course this is only true under one condition: that you really are or try to become as you are meant by God. That you stop comparing yourself with others and also stop believing all the people that are telling you that you are nothing or not worthwhile. But most people believe more in the judgment of other people (as if those people are gods) than in the creation by God. — (to be continued)

Our LST Reader, Kati, a 2nd grade school teacher, asked for Hungarian Children's Bibles for her school, but we did not have enough to go around.  Maybe next year?

Our LST Reader, Kati, a 2nd grade school teacher, asked for Hungarian Children's Bibles for her school, but we did not have enough to go around. Maybe next year?

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“100 Little Thoughts about God, Man and Society” Influence, Knowledge of God, Light According to Dan

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