Blessed in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania

August 16, 2009 at 1:30 am Leave a comment

This is only the third day I have been here, but so many sweet things have happened.  I have been invited for coffee 2 times, for dinner 3 times, and I have several appointments to meet with dear friends.  This afternoon, I will attend Bogi and Torsten’s beautiful Hungarian wedding and dinner at a lovely restaurant afterwards.

I have been so warmly received by all. I am now in the apartment where Dan and I lived each time we came here from 2002 – 2008.  Stefan, Camellia and their 14 year old daughter, Monica, had cleaned the apartment. Stefan arranged to have the house phone and internet connected. The double lock on the only door into the apartment works very well. The thermal pane windows are very secure. Everything is ready for me to continue life here.

There’s some saying about “things  are always the same, but are ever changing.”  Well, the street out front is still the same broken mixture of concrete, asphalt, gravel and dirt…only it is more broken than ever before.  The grass around the apartment buildings in town is now kept mowed.  No more scraggly tall grasses mixed with trash blown in by the wind.  And, alas, no more tall grasses mixed with a variety of wild flowers either.

There are more flowers in the yards in front of the apartment buildings, and more planter boxes filled with colorfui flowers at major intersections and along the major streets.  More sidewalks are being replaced with paving stones making for very nice walking.  Provisional admittance to the European Union is having a positive influence on things in Romania.  The people with good hearts continue to bless their country as they strive to bring this nation into a higher level of accountability.

A BIG prayer request, please – pray that the Spiru Haret University, Romania, students  – who did the work and passed their courses and the final exams – will be awarded their diplomas.  There is a big scandal about the school.  Students, who paid money to take no exams, were awarded a diploma.  The Romanian Parliament has cancelled all the diplomas given from the University this year.  My friends who worked hard to learn and pass all exams deserve their diplomas.

I feel so at home, safe, appreciated, loved. The weather here is delicious – sunny and in the 70’s!  God is good. — Anne

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Returning to Romania Showers of Blessings!

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