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LST Information Meeting Scheduled!

Things are moving along getting ready for LST next week.  The Information Meeting will be Monday, 14 September, 5 pm (17:00) at the Covasna County Red Cross Headquarters.  At that meeting, people can sign up with one of our four Texas ladies to work on improving their conversational English for 3 weeks.

On the “home” front, things are progressing there also.  Reka will take me to choose light fixtures Wednesday afternoon.  Several pieces of inexpensive furniture will be delivered Wednesday.  Beds are typically divans that fold out and have a foam mattress that doubles as a bed, and the seat or back of the couch.  In our missionary travels on 3 different continents, we learned that each country has their own specific way of living…and even though it is not “our” way, they manage okay… we learned to adapt.

May God help us all to adapt to His way, His will, not our will.  It is the Best Way. — Anne

“100 Little Thoughts about God, Man and Society,” a collection of Dan’s thoughts gleaned from 49 years of conversations between Dan and Dr. Dick van Geet, our former neighbor in Utrecht, Holland.


Where is it that I am? My true me ? Me as an unique person?  Not in my head; I am speaking of my head. Not in my heart, I am speaking of  my heart. Not in any other part of my body. But where then?  Or do I belong to something that has no specific place ?


1. Our body is a wonderful part of the creation. But there are people who believe in the creation – Moslims and Christians – who are not so sure that this also applies to the lower part of the body, especially the sexual part of it.  Implicitly they sometimes make the impression they think it springs more from the devil than from God.

2. Human shame could not be satisfactorily explained by evolutionary theory.”

(to be continued)

The neighborhood around my green house

The neighborhood around my green house

Rodica said, "I'm glad Mr. Rodger and Mrs. Alva are coming!  When is Judy coming back with LST?"  : > )

Rodica said, "I'm glad Mr. Rodger and Mrs. Alva are coming! When is Judy coming back with LST?" : > )

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