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Seven Apple Trees!

One of the joys of life for me is sharing.  For many years I have continued to ask God to bless me so that I can be generous.  God does that in the such special ways.  For example, take the house God has graciously made possible for me to own…I understood that the lot had 7 fruit trees.  As soon as I heard that, I began to think about who I could share the fruit with.  Seriously, I can’t eat all the fruit produced on 7 trees!

Today, while waiting for a few pieces of furniture to be delivered to my house, there was time to wander through the little orchard.  I was surprised to discover that it extends the full length of the yard.  There had never been time or necessity to examine the trees…I was buying the house.  The trees were just lovely “extras.”

As I strolled in the shade of the fruit trees, I began to see several apple trees.  I thought, “What am I seeing?  If there are only 7 fruit trees…I’m seeing too many apple trees.”  Going back to the first fruit tree, I walked through the trees again.  This time counting the apple trees.  There were 7 apple trees!

The next question that arose in my confused mind was, “Well, if there are 7 apple trees, how many fruit trees do I actually have???”  Walking through the orchard again, I counted all the fruit trees.  To my utter amazement, there were 12, yes, 12 fruit trees!  The apples will be ready in about a month.  Being completely organic, they have a few “defects” like a worm here and there, but those apples will make delicious applesauce after a bit of work with a paring knife to remove the guests.

And, guess what???  God answered my prayer to help me be generous by giving me 7 apple trees.  I have already told Maria that the apples are to be shared with the young adults she helps.  The entire little church group will also pick all the apples they want to store for the winter.  In the Spring, there’s pears, cherries, then plums. There’s enough for all of us.

And, here’s another, “Guess what?”  I always wanted berry vines, but never had them.  Guess what is growing along a 15′ span of the back fence?  That’s right – berry vines!  Praise God!   He keeps on surprising me in the most wonderful ways so I can be generous!  —  Anne

In the middle of the fruit orchard

In the middle of the fruit orchard

Looking across the valley to the mountain side

Looking across the valley from my house to the near side of Sugash mountain

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