LST ’09 Has Begun!

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Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania, is blessed to have 4 outstanding ladies as guests for the next 3 weeks!  They are bringing Let’s Start Talking to our fair city.  The weather is sunny and cool.  The flowers are lovely.  The people of the city are gracious.  Sounds like a wonderful setting for an LST Adventure.

From left to right - Wanda, Kaki, Alva and Rosemarie

From left to right - Wanda, Kaki, Alva and Rosemarie

This ad is appearing in the Hungarian newspapers:

“Free English conversation practice offered by native-English speaking guests in Let’s Start Talking Project.  In Sepsiszentgyorgy 14 September – 20 October.  Call for more information 0747 55 41 57.”

The Romanian language newspaper has the same ad except that the name of the city is listed as Sfantu Gheorghe.

We also put the same announcement (for free) online at and  We have contacted a number of our former readers.  The Information Meeting is Monday 5 p.m. at the Red Cross Headquarters in the center of town across from the beautiful Museum.

What a better world this would be if we’d all learn to communicate well with each other.  Please, pray that God will send good people with hearts for Him to practice their conversational English with the LST Team.   Many good people have helped us prepare for this special time in our lives.  Now, let the Adventure continue to unfold! —  Anne

“100 LITTLE  THOUGHTS ABOUT GOD, MAN AND SOCIETY,” gleaned from 49 years of conversations between Dan and Dr. Dick van Geet, Utrecht, Holland (our neighbor for 5 years and friend ever after)


1. Our real situation

We all are people condemned to death, sitting in a cell waiting for the moment of the execution. We don’t know the day but that it will happen is beyond any doubt.

But then something strange occurs. At once someone turns up with confidential information about a way out, a way to fly, an escape route that could bring us out of our cell into freedom instead of execution.

But then something occurs that is still more strange. Instead of taking this vital information seriously, we don’t even think it worthwhile investigating. We go on beautifying our cells and continue feasting in our prison, shrugging our shoulders about the information received. Even though we get this information again day after day. Even if we should doubt seriously its credibility, our situation is so hopeless that every escape pssibility is worth an investigation anyhow. Like someone with a hopeless, mortal disease maybe expected to be interested in a new medicine that pretends to cure him, even if the results are not beyond doubt.

This human behaviour seems so irrational that it  could hardly be explained in a normal way: one is almost inclined to consider the influence of a negative higher power, a devil.”

(to be continued)

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From the Front Window Progress at My New House

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