Knowing When to Rest

September 23, 2009 at 8:11 pm Leave a comment

Learning to take care of oneself is a challenge for many people.  Exactly what does that mean?  Eat right, get enough sleep, exercise?  Maybe find a healthy way to deal with your pain?  Even though I thought I was doing a fair job, there is so much paperwork, accounting to do…so bedtime came at crazy late hours.

But, it caught up with me when the current virus that’s sweeping the area came through.  Fever, mild chills, exhaustion, 4 days of having to rest because of a sinus infection.  Come apart and rest, OR you will come apart!

The LST Team continues to do amazing work with the 45 precious Readers God has sent to them. Friendships are being made, relationships deepening, the Word is being closely looked at by some, for others it’s just a welcome exercise in improving their English.  And that’s okay.  We believe this is one of the best LST Teams in the World – the Gracious Grannies!

Dan’s memorial service was held last Monday in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania.  When I am stronger, I will write about that special time that the good people whom God has brought to us spent honoring Dan.  We needed to cry together, and recognize together that Dan is alive, well, happy, living with God in Heaven.  He will not return to us, but we can live so as to go to be with him.  We will be okay because of Jesus.  — Anne

The LST Team and I sang for the Readers at the Texas Party!

The LST Team and I sang for the Readers at the Texas Party!

They danced for us!

They danced for us!

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