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Some want to see my house


back yard and back view of grn hs

back view showing the rear balcony called the "terrace." The terrace now has a wood "skirt" as I call it around the bottom part so that snow does not collect in the space. Next to the stairs leading up to the terrace is the food cellar window; above that is the window to my office. On the side is the garage waiting for a car to hatch. There's storage space above the entire garage. Above the garage is the guest room window (room doubles as a training room for my students where I observe the work they are doing.) A couch that has two good single mattresses is a typical "double bed" here.


grn hs best view Zsugash Valley

Best View from the terrace on the back of the house last August. (At the moment, the landscape is a Winter scene.)

























Entrance to front grn hs

The front of the house - the gate to the driveway is complete now with pickets to match the fence. The driveway has nice fitted blocks laid on sand (like a brick street). In the Spring, roses and other flowers will be added to the little front yard. The back "garden" will get a volleyball court, and croquet area.













grn hs & hs next door

My green house is further down the mountain side a bit from the apricot colored house. A nice elementary school principal and his wife, accounting teacher, live in the apricot house. The dirt road turns to the left and runs past the front of my house for about a city block. Our development will eventually have 10 houses with large lots. All the houses, so far, are built in the Hungarian style with the high roof.














Taken last Summer - My next door neighbors - Reka, Adolf and Dorothy Papp on the left are building on the East side of my fruit orchard. Aranka and Gusti on the right, will live on the West side of my house.














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