So Much News and No Time to Write

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God is blessing me every day even though the pain of loss is ever with me.  Hanging onto Judy N’s words, “You never get over losing your mate, but God will help you through it,” helps.  The weather is unseasonably gentle with highs for the day in the 50’s.  That’s good for me, but next Spring’s crops need the snow to come soon so that the melting snow will provide life giving moisture.

Last night, my Thursday evening Small Group had a goodbye dinner here to celebrate the closeness that is growing between us, and the deepening of our relationship with God that is developing as a result of our study of “Discovering God.”  Today, I spoke at 9 a.m. to the Advanced English high school class of 17 year old students.  In the evening, Laszlo took me to his village to speak to his congregation’s ladies class.  Our hearts communicated on a very deep level.  They asked me to develop some seminars for them…precious, precious people.



This is a room that doubles as counseling room for observing therapists that I am training, and If you come to visit, this makes into a twin sized bed with a very good mattress! (I hate to admit that I thought it had a double mattress! LIve and learn...)


Across from the guest room is the upstairs bathroom.

Tub in upstairs bathroom - Gusti's team built that lovely tile base for it.

I bought a stand alone cabinet for the bathroom since there were no cabinets or closets built into the house.

The bathroom radiator doubles as a towel rack. (Notice the fine wood door with very nice opaque glass panes.)

Landing for the stairs between the 1st and 2nd floors. The glass bricks let light stream into the house through the attic room above the garage.














Stairs from ground floor up to landing leading to 2nd floor.













May the Lord’s face always shine on you.  — Anne




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Come, Sit Awhile Thankful!

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