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Retreating from the Pain

Suddenly, seeing Dan’s photos was too painful.  Opening the closet door where his coat still hangs was more than I could bear…and I began to shut down, retreat from the world and my feelings.  However, I knew to reach out for help.  A therapy session (on Skype) with a woman, trained in the deep healing therapy that I use, began to pull me out of it.  God will see me through this.

The first week in December, I was in Spain with Tim and Claudia and their family.  I am happy to announce that while there, we established the Spanish Branch of God’s Children.  They have collect many good, warm used clothes that will soon be going to the Covasna County Red Cross. One of their children is heading up a campaign at her school to collect sturdy shoes to send to the children.  The other child is going to head up a drive to collect good toys to ship to the children. Also, one of the local banks has agreed to put a “change box” in their foyer for people to donate their change to help the children and elderly in Romania living in poverty.

Charter members of the Spanish Branch of God's Children will spread the news how Spanish people can help the needy in Romania!

Thousands of empty condos are silent witnesses to the economic crisis in the world. They line the Mediterranean that you see in the distance. Yet, people in Spain are going to help the children and elderly of Romania!

I never imagined I'd be on Costa del Sol looking across the Mediterranean to North Africa. God is full of surprises!!!

“…it is God which works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure.”  Phillipians 2:13  — Anne

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