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I Refused to Think about Change

Once upon a time, an acorn fell to the ground on my mountain.

When we were “young marrieds,” Dan wanted to talk about what life insurance he should buy.  Just the thought of being without him upset me, brought tears to my eyes.  Being young and foolish, I refused to talk about life insurance.  Dan brought the subject up several times over the next few years explaining that it was for my protection, so that I’d have income in case something happened to him.  Finally, I tearfully agreed, and, yes, we bought life insurance for Dan.  Now, I’m thankful we did.

But it is more painful than I had imagined to be without Dan.  Some days I feel more like a robot than a live person. Other days, I feel totally alive. I don’t know how one prepares for such a major change in life.  And, I really don’t know how one manages such a challenge if they do not have a close walk with Jesus.

My dear friends at the Let’s Start Talking headquarters sent me this birthday card last week…on my 75th birthday:

“Life is change…this much we know.

We plant a seed, we watch it grow.

A caterpillar, small and shy, unfurls into a butterfly.

An acorn falls so it can be transformed into a sturdy tree.

And so we know when change arrives across the landscape of our lives,

We still can trust that it will mean a special blessing not yet seen.”

— author unknown

I feel like the acorn that is decaying in the soil, and beginning to have that first little growth God intends.  —  Anne

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