If God Wills

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It’s that time again…to get new immunizations for 3rd World Countries. It doesn’t seen like it has been ten years since we had shots preparing to go to Romania and Ghana, W. Africa. The pages on the calendar turn faster every day.  At the moment, I am back in the States enjoying being with family in northern California… and getting shots, seeing my doctor, taking care of many tasks that every widow has to contend with.

January 8 I’ll come to Dallas to attend the Romania Annual Conference at Prestoncrest Church of Christ offered by Mission Resources Network .  In the DFW area until January 20, I will then go to North Carolina to visit family. Those of you within driving distance, I’d love to see you. Call me – 817.454.5022. January 25, I will fly back to California. On February 13, I return home to Sfantu Gheorghe, Transylvania, Romania.

An exciting announcementGod is bringing Dr. Gerald White, P.E., to Sfantu Gheorghe, in February, to hold a seminar on alternative methods of defeating cancer.  (see cancerwarsmaarsjourney.com )  We met Dr. White through Ed DeMoss, of Saturn Road, Garland, when Dan was ill.  God chose to heal Dan by letting him go Home.  Who would have thought that Dan’s suffering would result in this great blessing for Romania…and beyond!

The pain of my loss still sweeps over me like a tidal wave at times, but God smiles on me by continuing contact with the good people He has brought into my life over the years.  I am not alone.  God and many of His people are with me.

Some of you know that for the last 10 years each time I was leaving Sfantu Gheorghe, someone would ask, “When are you coming back?”  My answer has always been, “If God wills, I will return next year.”  Now, thinking about when I can return home to Sfantu Gheorghe, joy filled my heart as I was reading in the book of Acts tonight.  In Acts 18: 21, Paul said to the people in Ephesus, “I will come back if it is God’s will.”   How much easier is our walk when we constantly pray that we be in God’s will! — Anne

Gusti called out as we drove away, "We are waiting for you. Come home!"

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