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In the Blackest of Nights

No matter how black the night, God is with us.

I was thrown into a most confusing, challenging situation only 6 days after arriving in Sfantu Gheorghe…visa problems forced me to leave Romania.  Now I am strong enough to share my thoughts.

“August 24, 2009

I am now on a Romanian/Hungarian Rapid train racing through the blackness of a Transylvanian night.  It is midnight.  No stars can be seen from the window of my compartment for the sky is covered with black clouds with rain streaming over my window.  There have been a lot of firsts in recent weeks…first airplane trip to Romania without Dan, first worship service in SG without Dan, and now another significant one…first train trip in Europe without Dan.

After settling me in my 2 persons sleeping compartment, at 11 p.m. Adolf stood outside my window until the train pulled out of the station.  Only then, as I stared into the nothingness outside my window did I feel totally alone.  No one, besides two conductors, are in this car.  My door is bolted and locked with 2 locks.  I am safe.  The train is clean…and so quiet.  As the emptiness began to challenge me, the Holy Spirit reminded me that God is with me.  I am never alone.

Why I am going to Budapest?  The visa problem is only what is sending me there. As I fumed about the interruption of my work in SG,  I heard a small voice saying, “This is a God appointed time.”  Then Nancy wrote me on Facebook that this may be one of those “God appointments.” —  confirmation of what had “crossed my mind.” When Zoli and Andi invited me to visit them in Budapest on my way to Romania, I told them. ” I have no plans to come to Budapest…maybe later.”  Well, this is apparently “later.”  I am amazed at the strength the Lord has given me.  Lots of challenges have been thrown in my path the last few days, but God continues to be faithful and work them out. So, I walk by faith…not by sight.  Where would the glory to God be if I could work everything out by myself?

The words to an old song Dan and I used to sing keep coming to me, “I am a pilgrim, I am a stranger, I can tarry but a night.  Though none go with me, still I will follow….” I’m fine; All is well.  I await with wonder what lies ahead for me the next few days in Budapest, Hungary.”

Almost 5 months later, I know the answer. But that’s for another time. One message is that God is ALWAYS with us in all circumstances. — Anne

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