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It’s Been a Long Time

It has been a long time since I carved out the time to write.  For some reason, it takes at least an hour for me to put together a message.  In order to get much of my work done, I go to bed at midnight, 1 a.m.  Somehow I just don’t feel inspired to stay up another hour to write.  Yet, I do want to share with you the beautiful, challenging journey God is taking me on.

We thought Spring had come to our mountain city, but Thursday, Old Man Winter blew back in with more than 24 hours of gracious snow sifting down from above.  A huge ice cycle formed on the drip chain that runs from the roof down to a “french drain” at the front of the house.  Only 4″ inches of snow accumulated, but it stayed for 3 days…lovely…not too bad.  (Well, I did not enjoy all the mud I had to walk in once the snow melted, but the memory of the beauty and the quietness while the snow was here…maybe the muddy paths weren’t so bad!)

The freezing temperature did make it miserably  cold to stand for 30 – 45 minutes Saturday and Sunday on marble floors in an unheated chapel for the memorial service, and then the funeral service for the precious father of Camelia Raica.  She and Stefan help “make LST happen.”   Her father was Orthodox, so the service was a bit different to me, White wine and sweet bread was served after both services.  Today, they also served a tasty chocolate pudding with sprinkles and cocoanut on top!  All who attended the funeral were invited to a very nice Romanian style restaurant for a fine vegetarian meal – given that this is the time of fasting before Easter. The traditions are so very specific. Men’s handkerchiefs were tied to many of the wreaths (mine included), but I did not understand why.  I’ll ask at another time. There is so much to learn!

I have been busy preparing for the two precious LST ladies returning March 20 for 6 weeks.  To hear people talk, you’d think they are waiting to receive movie stars or something!  Rosemarie and Wanda are greatly loved here.  And, they love this little city with many gracious, caring, appreciative people.  God is so good. You just can’t outgive God!   — Anne

The artistry of God

At the graveside of Bujor Vasile

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