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It’s a grey misty morning except the mist freezes as it falls.  With this all being so new to me, I’m enjoying this experience.  Now, if this goes on for a week or two, I may be singing a different tune!  When I got up, it was 11 degrees F outside, and felt like 3 F!  Inside it was a frigid 60 F.   I turned the thermostat up  a bit.  After 2 1/2 hours the kithen is the first room to warm up.  Since I can’t afford to heat the whole house. the kitchen is elected as today’s work place.
5" in circumference, this icicle formed around the drip chain running from the roof gutter down to the French drain that lets water flow around to the back of the house!

From the gutter on the roof to the ground, a sold stream of ice! March 10, 2010! Sepsiszentgyorgy, Romania!

This is an indoor day – paying bills, making a list of former LST Readers to send SMS inviting them to fill the last 4 openings that Wanda and Rosemarie have.      Wednesday may be a used car shopping day at the car market.  The economy here is bad – a 30% unemployment rate.  Many people have had to turn back their cars to the bank or the leasing companies.  Perhaps that will help me get a better car for a lower price?
Guzsti and Aranka are taking me to the car market in Ciuj (chuuk is how it’s pronounced if you are Romanian.  Cheek is how the Hungarians say it with a very short k on the end, almost like Victor Borge  when he spit out  the period in his verbal pronunciation comedy performances. Remember that?)
Here are a few photos of the Women’s Day Red Cross luncheon attendees. The Covasna County only has 2 full time employees, and yet provides clothing and food packets almost 900 families December through March.   Our luncheon menu consisted of palinka to whet the appetite! ( It can also make you think you have been set on fire!)  That was followed by grilled mitche / 4 ” long mixed meat sausage…a real favorite served with delicious Hungarian potato bread and mustard.  Dessert was special fancy cookies and coffee.  Pray for these good people who work so hard to help so many.  — Anne

The men honored the Red Cross Women on Women's Day at Covasana County Red Cross Center.

Anne’s gift of Beautiful flowers say, “Thank you!”

Adolf, Pres. of Covasna County Red Cross, on the left, with the Vice Pres. of the Red Cross.

Mrs. Balasz, former Pres. of Covasna County Red Cross

Maria, Business Degree, 4' 10", Mother of 2 school age children, Adm Asst. training to become our Fund Raiser. She works for me 2 afternoons a week.

Good men, all, Volunteers for the Red Cross, helped honor the Women.

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