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Is Any Day “Typical?”

The heart is easy to see. Maybe you can see in the clouds a face with arm and hand extended? Always look up!

On this grey morning the day after spending 1 hour in the dentist chair, I’m pretty tired.  He removed the temporary crown he made, and cleaned out more infection in the roots of a tooth – caused by a poorly applied crown put on in CA last January.  The Dr. probed with med filled needles to treat the roots and my jaw bone.  The infection caused arthritis in my thumbs and forefingers.  (That means I can’t plant my garden.) It’s easy to feel sorry for myself at times.  Then this morning…

I opened my computer and saw Karen’s message…PICTURES.  I felt led to look, like it was something I needed to see…to cause me to laugh…to lift my spirits.  And, sure enough, I was filled with awe at the beauty, laughed at the humor (didn’t God have fun when He set things in motion to make all those shapes!), and was deeply inspired by the last one with the heart on the ocean…and the face with extended arm and hand in the clouds above.  (Sorry it came out so small here.)

I don’t know why I am having to endure this illness, with fatigue sometimes that makes it just too hard to think.  God will use it to His glory.  That’s all that really matters.  Meanwhile, I have a mix of lonely hours when I truly know I have no one but God, and days where there is a stream of helpers coming to my aid.

Today, I hope to go to the bank to transfer funds from a USD account to a RON account .  (Dan used to do all of that.)  I’ve been watching the exchange rate.  The USD is up.  Had I exchanged funds last week, I would have lost $.  After that I will meet with an M.D., PhD microbiologist who is part of our team for natural healing of cancer.  At 4 p.m., I have a counseling session.   At 6 p.m., Levy, a friend who is a veterinarian and a specialist in plants is coming by.  He will put together a plan for making my small front yard into flower beds – herb garden, rock garden, etc.  (We’ll see how much of the plan I can afford right now.)  And, then, at 7 p.m., the Thursday night English Bible Discussion group meets.

There will be rest times in between.  I’m praying that God will give me the strength to do all this.   And, now, the sun just came out! — Anne

God's Sculpture - What do You see?

What if you caught one this big???


Shhhhh! Don't wake him.

What's that? Oh, "fools rush in where angels fear to tread?" : > )

Have a blessed day.  Cloudy or sunny, God is with us. — Anne

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