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What Is It You Do?

Some new friends asked me to tell them about what God’s Children non profit org and I do over here in the Transylvanian Alps.  Maybe you will enjoy this also. Blessings,  Anne, Sfantu Gheorghe, Transylvania, Romania

Part One

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than 30 years experience in Christian counseling, parent training, and therapy that brings healing to trauma victims.  I am a helper, an encourager.  My husband, Dan, was a gifted Christian Family Counselor, minister who could read New Testament Greek quite well, a true visionary who led 100’s to Christ during his lifetime.  When Dan knew that he would soon be going to his eternal Home, he gently said, “I’d like for you to return to Romania and carry on our work…if you want to.”  Smiling through my tears, I replied, “I’d like very much to do that.”

Our work…helping the hurting, the lost, the needy…that has always been our work…being “Jesus with skin on” one might say.  It was Dan’s vision to help people here to improve their lives by learning good conversational English using the Easy to Read New Testament, and, at the same time, come to understand how much God loves them.  We did that through English Bible discussions one on one, or in small groups.  It was his strong desire to help parents become better parents through the Parenting School we helped establish, to help people find peace through good counseling. With God’s help, I can carry on our work.  I basically live on my Social Security. Individual intentional followers of Jesus provide the Benevolence and Working Fund.

(to be continued)

Mentoring young people is joyful!

Popeye would love this Organic dish - Fresh, sunny side up eggs with creamed spinach! It's one of my favorites.

Triathlon National Champ of Romania, Boti, is one of Wanda's LST Readers, and one of our faithful helpers!

Dr. Katai, gifted dentist, who is bringing healing for the jaw infection that began in the U.S.

April Dawn on my mountain!

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