What Is It You Do

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This year the underprivileged children at the Red Cross Camp will receive a "like new" Beanie Baby for their very own shipped to us by a kind hearted lady in Texas.

Robi’s high school graduation celebration dinner. An orphan, he now has his BA in Marketing!

Part 2

But to give some history – In 1996, Dan was asked by our son, Dean, of Saturn Road, Garland, to accompany him to inspect the work of Agape Foundation in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania.  At the time, the Randy Dean family were doing an awesome benevolent work helping orphans.  Later, in 2000, we had been praying, “God use us as tools in your hands to glorify you.”  Then, I added the prayer of Jabez.  Actually, I thought that was rather a “trendy” thing.  But after reading the prayer of Jabez, if felt like something I wanted the Lord to help me do.

God heard our prayers.  One day, as I was going down the staircase in our home in Coppell, TX, I heard a voice say these words, “If you will sell this house and move, I will use you more in missions.” (I don’t often hear a voice that clearly.)  I ran to find Dan to tell him.  We put our house on the market; it sold; we moved to the Ft. Worth area to be near our daughter and her family.

Three weeks after we moved, Randy Dean contacted us asking us to come to Romania to teach two little congregations on Christian Parenting.  We replied, “We will pray about it.  If God wills, we will come.” Their sponsoring congregation, Saturn Road, contacted us to say, “If you will go, we will buy your plane ticket.”  There was the affirmation.  The little group asked us if we’d return the next year to teach again at their retreat.  We said, “We’ll pray about it.  If God wills, we will come.”  And…The next year, the same thing happened. Fundatia Agape invited us;  Saturn Road sent us.  Maria, a Christian Social Worker here, arranged for us to train the many professionals who work with abused children in this little city .  After that, the professionals requested that we return every year, twice a year to help them learn better ways to help the hurting.

(to be continued…)

God used us to provide training materials and supplies for the Autistic Center.

He never had crutches the right length until God's Children gave him an adjustable pair.

“In as much as you did it unto the least of these…”  — Anne

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What Is It You Do? The Blessings Go On and On

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