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What Do I Do Here?

Stefan, Camelia and others began asking us to come for longer periods of time.

Part 3

Christians here began asking, “Please, can’t you arrange to come for 3 months?”  Our first reply was, “Oh, no, there’s no way we can do that.  We have to work most of the year to have enough to live on.”  To which they countered, “Well, come for 6 weeks!” However,  God opened the door for us to move here, continue training professional counselors, teaching the church members, and eventually to be the missionaries who invite Let’s Start Talking to come each year. (LST will not send teams where there is no missionary.)

After much prayer, we laid out a fleece for God to show us clearly if we were to move here. To our surprise, the answer came soon…the owner of the house we were leasing e-mailed us that she had to sell the house.  Well, we suddenly had no home in the U.S.  We had to move somewhere…and God had already opened our minds and hearts to the idea of moving here.

So, what do I do now?  I am a volunteer with the local Red Cross.  I counsel whoever they request help for.  I advise the Red Cross volunteers when they need my help.  I raise funds Stateside for the Red Cross to purchase medical equipment (crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, diabetic equipment, etc.), medicine and food for the poverty stricken families and the elderly.  I solicit good used clothing from Christians in the U.S. (30 boxes of good, used, warm clothing came last Winter to clothe the destitute.)

In addition to that, I train the psychologists and social workers in advanced counseling techniques that are not known here. I do this in formal training sessions every 2 weeks.  I also give them weekly guidance on how to help the people they are counseling.  At least once or twice a year, I conduct week long training for all the professionals in the city who help abused children. They have not heard of many of the methods that I learned in the States as long ago as back in the 70’s.

Also, using my God-given skills, I provide therapy for abused women, children, men…and help them overcome the after effects of abuse. — Anne, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Licensed Professional Counselor, MSSW

(to be continued)

Some of the mothers who attended our Parenting School –

Continuing medical help for Roland through the Red Cross is improving the quality of his life.

Dan encouraged many fine young men through the Let’s Start Talking program.

Now I live and work in this small city where St. George daily battles the Dragon in the Center of St. Georghe, Transylvania, Romania.

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