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Judy Roe, Anne, and Karen Brown LST Workers in 2007

What do I do here besides eat chocolates and watch soap operas?  Well, to start with, I believe God prefers that I do something a bit more productive than that, but I sometimes think people believe that is all I do.  ha, ha, ha!

Judy Roe, Karen Brown and Melissa Sigler are the Lets Start Talking Workers who will be here 2 weeks (12  – 26 June).  For the past 2 hours, I have been preparing this announcement and sending it by e-mail to former readers and people who will tell other people about this free opportunity. Here is the announcement  being circulated around town.  We pray that people with good hearts will come to improve their conversational English.



14 – 24 JUNE 2010



Sfantu Gheorghe, Covasna County, Romania

SUNDAY, 13 JUNE, 17:00 – 18:00.


Now, it’s time to go chop weeds in my garden.  That weed crop is flourishing! — Anne

“Jesus said, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.  Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.’ ”  Luke 10:2

Aranka, Guszti and Sisi helped expand my vegetable garden by 50% yesterday!

Anne and Aranka are ready to work in the garden!

Using a scythe, Sisi cut the weeds and grass that blanket the yard.

Adolf and Reka's beautiful lemon sherbet stucco home is nearing completion on the right side of my home.

Sun settling below the Carpathian foothills as I drive home from Prejmer at 9 p.m.

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The Saga of Shingles

The view is so peaceful...even with the unfinished garden calling for help.

The tale of Shingles in Transylvania began on Facebook.  But since there is so much to share, I am moving the tale to my blog.  Applying natural apple cider vinegar slowed  down the Shingles’ attack before the rash came. With the first deep stabbing, burning pain in my back, I began applying lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil, Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield, & cortisone cream topically…also drank calming teas.

When I applied natural apple cider vinegar on a damp cloth to all the hurting places, it improved greatly. Now, when I am too tired, or allow myself to fret about things, the itching begins again. What do I have to worry about…my life is great! Well, great other than…

The 4th time the basement flooded, 3 sacks of furnace fuel turned to useless mush.

The garage and basement has flooded for the 4th time, the septic tank backed up in the 2 bathrooms, ittle congregation split, gardener didn’t finish digging vegetable beds but left for two weeks, you know…little challenges.  I miss Dan’s stabilizing presence.

Dan always handled things like that. In other words, God is letting me have a Crash Course in Learning Patience, and Trusting Him. and Giving My Burdens to the Lord. But first, I had to have Shingles (often a result of not being able to deal with heavy stress in our life).

Some will say, “Where is God when you need Him?”  Well, He is right where He has always been…WITH US, waiting for us to let Him deal with our problems, waiting for us to give Him our burdens, waiting for us to trust Him.  — Anne

Adolf & Reka's house with panels of foam insulation being put on. Later came the stucco on top of that, and then the soft, soothing yellow paint.

Cheerful geraniums on window ledge greet my friends.

Guszti and his construction crew wave from my Texas neighbors' house that is 1/2 completed. Yes, you heard right - I will soon have neighbors from Texas!

Later today I get to help Zsuzsa with 4 yr old Agoston and 3 mo old Anne. God is always GOOD!

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Feel the Peace

“Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.” 2 Thes. 3:16.

The last couple of weeks have been very stressful due to some challenging situations that arose.  God has been my Guide, setting the standards for my behavior.  Reading this scripture tonight from my friend B.K.,  I felt peace flood through my body.

“May the Lord of peace himself give YOU peace at all times and in EVERY way.”  The Lord IS with all of you!

—  Anne

The God of peace gave us what we needed as we shared our last sunset together on this earth.

God's peace fills me when I am with little Anne and her mom, Zsuzsa.

God filled me with peace and joy when my last boxes from the States arrived after spending 6 weeks dancing on the Atlantic waves in the hold of an ocean freighter!

Some people watch TV while they eat. I find peace by watching the sheep on the mountain top across from me. (Can you see the specks up near the top of the mountain. It looks like a toy village with toy sheep!

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What Do I Do in Transylvania?

Maria is one of Anne's regular helpers. We pray God will comfort her in the loss of her mother.

Part 5

One of the frequent things I do now is attend weddings and funerals of friends and their relatives.  Thursday Stefan will take his family and me to Targu Mures to attend the funeral of Maria Movila’s mother.  Maria’s special care of her mother gave her 8 more months instead of 1 month as the doctors predicted.

Well, maybe you understand a bit better what I do here?  I certainly appreciate all the help Rie and Peggy provide me.  Rie receives and deposits into God’s Children account your donations, and Peggy  writes letters to you to thank you as well as give you a record for the IRS of your donations.   I don’t have spare minutes to write the personal thank you letters that I’d like to. I strongly believe that the precious people who help me do the work here deserve to know that their money was received, and appreciated.  Each one of the supporters sacrifices something to help provide for the needs of the hurting people here.  I am thankful every day for the help God provides. — Anne

Stefan and Camelia, intentional followers of Jesus who help LST be in our little city

Blossoms are on our trees everywhere announcing, "It's Spring in Transylvania!"

I live at elevation 3,000 Feet in the beautiful Carpathian Mountains in Romania

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A “Regular Day” in Transylvania

Monica thanks Adolf for arranging to have me train the psychologists. Adolf is President of the Covasna Country Red Cross.

Pushed by the strong West Wind, I escaped into the house before the rains swept through this afternoon.  Now enjoying a hot cup of tea, I am sitting by the huge living room window looking out over my balcony while I watch the rain falling on the rolling mountain across from mine.  It is so interesting to sit here and see the heavy rain falling like a thin curtain shielding the mountainside.  Oh, the rain is moving towards my yard.  My own private live screen nature show!

After a full, blessed day, I decided I could sit down to rest at 5 p.m.  This morning, I worked for 2 hours with a patient of one of the psychologists whom God brought me to in 2001…the psychologist who said, “Anne, please, come back.  Bring some others with you.  Teach us.  Our training in university was so poor.”

When I left the psychologist’s office, I went to the Pro Nobis Counseling Center to meet with Dr. Kerestes, MD, PhD microbiologist who is helping us with the cancer support and education group.  From there, I dropped in at the Autistic Center (my first visit since 2008).  They were so grateful for the Dr. Seuss type doll that I took for the children…one doll, about 18″ tall thrilled them.  From there, I went by Lalelei to check on the apartments again since Mike left (a Peace Corp Volunteer who stayed in the little apartment when his plane flight was cancelled due to the volcanic ash.)  There, I ran into Rosemarie’s Readers.  She asked to join the Monday group at my house!

After that, I dropped in at the apartment for the young adults that Maria is house mother for.  I got to give hugs to young adults who have no family to give them a hug.  Marti, who usually says very little, sat and talked with me about the garden he is helping me build.  He is finding such joy in doing this…helping me, helping provide food for the young people in the apartment.  He is a fine, intelligent young man, a delight to be with.

Then I dropped by Billa to buy groceries where I had opportunity to visit with Rodica, Christian, deli chef.  We made arrangements for me to pick her up at 10 a.m. in the morning and bring her here for coffee and a visit while we enjoy the scenery from my balcony.  After I ate some leftover rice and chicken that Rosemarie and Wanda gave me, I had a grief recovery counseling session for me.  Using Skype, my therapist in Ft. Worth is helping me work through losing my Dan.

Having taken several breaks, It’s now 10:40 p.m.  I think I’ll get ready for bed.  Good night. — Anne

Marti and Maria help with my garden! Mimi on the left will make delicious salads for us from the vegetables!

Gypsy baby received help at Autistic Center

We hold Group Training sessions for Psychologists and Social Workers.

A family of storks are spending the Summer not far from my house!

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Part 4

Josep (Joseph) was one of Dan's LST Readers. Now, he is one of my friends helping put in a fine vegetable garden as well as making flower beds for me.

In addition to making the arrangements here to prepare for the LST teams to come, I also connect the teams with the people who want to improve their conversational English. Weekly,  I facilitate 2 English Small Group Bible discussions.  I teach about subjects requested by local schools, organizations, etc. Did I already say that I train the psychologists in effective methods to help people heal from deep pain? I also counsel special cases.  There is an open door because many of the good people here want to find healing from the ravages of Communism and depravation.  I am basically an encourager who helps people improve their lives.

A closer walk with the Lord is the best way to improve one’s life.  I point them in the right direction, and leave the decision up to them.  I just try to be the hands and feet of Jesus…being Jesus “with skin on” is my goal.  It is much harder to carry on without my Dan.  He was a wonderful partner in this work.  I miss his wise counsel, daily help with the accounting, Bible study, and all the other things he did as my partner.  I just miss him.  He was the love of my life, my mentor who helped me overcome a very abusive childhood to become the Christian that I am today.  But God is my true strength and mentor.  I walk even closer with Him now that Dan is at rest. — Anne

(to be continued)

My counseling room and office -- The folding chairs have been replaced by lovely 2nd hand furniture. Note the fine carpet that only cost $35 (USD)

What a joy to encourage Christian young people in a nearby village.

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