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Part 4

Josep (Joseph) was one of Dan's LST Readers. Now, he is one of my friends helping put in a fine vegetable garden as well as making flower beds for me.

In addition to making the arrangements here to prepare for the LST teams to come, I also connect the teams with the people who want to improve their conversational English. Weekly,  I facilitate 2 English Small Group Bible discussions.  I teach about subjects requested by local schools, organizations, etc. Did I already say that I train the psychologists in effective methods to help people heal from deep pain? I also counsel special cases.  There is an open door because many of the good people here want to find healing from the ravages of Communism and depravation.  I am basically an encourager who helps people improve their lives.

A closer walk with the Lord is the best way to improve one’s life.  I point them in the right direction, and leave the decision up to them.  I just try to be the hands and feet of Jesus…being Jesus “with skin on” is my goal.  It is much harder to carry on without my Dan.  He was a wonderful partner in this work.  I miss his wise counsel, daily help with the accounting, Bible study, and all the other things he did as my partner.  I just miss him.  He was the love of my life, my mentor who helped me overcome a very abusive childhood to become the Christian that I am today.  But God is my true strength and mentor.  I walk even closer with Him now that Dan is at rest. — Anne

(to be continued)

My counseling room and office -- The folding chairs have been replaced by lovely 2nd hand furniture. Note the fine carpet that only cost $35 (USD)

What a joy to encourage Christian young people in a nearby village.

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What Do I Do Here? A “Regular Day” in Transylvania

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