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A “Regular Day” in Transylvania

Monica thanks Adolf for arranging to have me train the psychologists. Adolf is President of the Covasna Country Red Cross.

Pushed by the strong West Wind, I escaped into the house before the rains swept through this afternoon.  Now enjoying a hot cup of tea, I am sitting by the huge living room window looking out over my balcony while I watch the rain falling on the rolling mountain across from mine.  It is so interesting to sit here and see the heavy rain falling like a thin curtain shielding the mountainside.  Oh, the rain is moving towards my yard.  My own private live screen nature show!

After a full, blessed day, I decided I could sit down to rest at 5 p.m.  This morning, I worked for 2 hours with a patient of one of the psychologists whom God brought me to in 2001…the psychologist who said, “Anne, please, come back.  Bring some others with you.  Teach us.  Our training in university was so poor.”

When I left the psychologist’s office, I went to the Pro Nobis Counseling Center to meet with Dr. Kerestes, MD, PhD microbiologist who is helping us with the cancer support and education group.  From there, I dropped in at the Autistic Center (my first visit since 2008).  They were so grateful for the Dr. Seuss type doll that I took for the children…one doll, about 18″ tall thrilled them.  From there, I went by Lalelei to check on the apartments again since Mike left (a Peace Corp Volunteer who stayed in the little apartment when his plane flight was cancelled due to the volcanic ash.)  There, I ran into Rosemarie’s Readers.  She asked to join the Monday group at my house!

After that, I dropped in at the apartment for the young adults that Maria is house mother for.  I got to give hugs to young adults who have no family to give them a hug.  Marti, who usually says very little, sat and talked with me about the garden he is helping me build.  He is finding such joy in doing this…helping me, helping provide food for the young people in the apartment.  He is a fine, intelligent young man, a delight to be with.

Then I dropped by Billa to buy groceries where I had opportunity to visit with Rodica, Christian, deli chef.  We made arrangements for me to pick her up at 10 a.m. in the morning and bring her here for coffee and a visit while we enjoy the scenery from my balcony.  After I ate some leftover rice and chicken that Rosemarie and Wanda gave me, I had a grief recovery counseling session for me.  Using Skype, my therapist in Ft. Worth is helping me work through losing my Dan.

Having taken several breaks, It’s now 10:40 p.m.  I think I’ll get ready for bed.  Good night. — Anne

Marti and Maria help with my garden! Mimi on the left will make delicious salads for us from the vegetables!

Gypsy baby received help at Autistic Center

We hold Group Training sessions for Psychologists and Social Workers.

A family of storks are spending the Summer not far from my house!

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