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What Do I Do in Transylvania?

Maria is one of Anne's regular helpers. We pray God will comfort her in the loss of her mother.

Part 5

One of the frequent things I do now is attend weddings and funerals of friends and their relatives.  Thursday Stefan will take his family and me to Targu Mures to attend the funeral of Maria Movila’s mother.  Maria’s special care of her mother gave her 8 more months instead of 1 month as the doctors predicted.

Well, maybe you understand a bit better what I do here?  I certainly appreciate all the help Rie and Peggy provide me.  Rie receives and deposits into God’s Children account your donations, and Peggy  writes letters to you to thank you as well as give you a record for the IRS of your donations.   I don’t have spare minutes to write the personal thank you letters that I’d like to. I strongly believe that the precious people who help me do the work here deserve to know that their money was received, and appreciated.  Each one of the supporters sacrifices something to help provide for the needs of the hurting people here.  I am thankful every day for the help God provides. — Anne

Stefan and Camelia, intentional followers of Jesus who help LST be in our little city

Blossoms are on our trees everywhere announcing, "It's Spring in Transylvania!"

I live at elevation 3,000 Feet in the beautiful Carpathian Mountains in Romania

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