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The Sun Will Set

The clouds announced that day's end was approaching

Just as you cannot hold back the sunset, neither can you turn back the clock of Time. “Oh, to be young again…” or, “Remember the good ole days….”   What days were those?  Which would you really choose if you could?  Some days were better than others, but each period of life is full of challenges.  Accepting “what is” and letting God help you through the difficult times, heal the pain, and carry you until you can find your way again…that is a gift.

It has been nearly one year since my Dan went Home.  I celebrate his victory on June 11, 2oo9, when he answered the call of God to let go of this life…and go Home.  But, oh, how I miss him.  Even though the pain has been intense, I’m surprised that today is here so soon – the first day of the last month of Dan’s life one year ago.

Seconds later, everything was different.

I love the work God called me to do here in Transylvania.  I love the good people both here in Romania and half way around the world in the U.S. whom God has brought to me because of this work.  I am grateful beyond words for the beautiful home, garden and neighbors God has gifted me with here.  As I write this, suddenly I’m hearing the old song, “Dark, dark has been the midnight.  But dayspring is at hand, and glory, glory dwelleth in Emmanuel’s land.”  Thank you, oh Holy God, for carrying me through this time…and for promising to be with me to the end.  — Anne

The sun will not be slowed down or stopped.

The earth keeps turning nearly blotting out the view of the sun.

But the sun seems to rally in the last minutes.

Rich are the colors right before the sun disappears completely.

And, then, the sun is is night...but dayspring is at hand."

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