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Some Who Help My Work

Jim & Lyn Gattis visited us. Here you see them & the group at Agape who make it possible for Let's Start Talking to come to Sfantu Gheorghe. Americans, Hungarians, Romanians who love the Lord work together to do good things for this city.

Take a look – here are photos of just a few who make it possible for me to help in this little city.  May God bless the many who assist through prayer, tax deductible donations, and hands on help  in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania.

Coming to get acquainted with my work, I gave Jim a "hands on" opportunity! (We won't say who spilled the water in my kitchen, but...)

Adolf, Pres. of Covasna County Red Cross, comforts a homesick child at the Red Cross Camp last week.

Reka, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Step by Step Classroom Teacher, helps in all areas of my life - arranges counselor training, recruits LST Readers, helped select things for my home, makes sure I am well/have food when the road is closed/etc.

The entire Tofalvi Family, my next door neighbors who built my house, take care of my every day needs. Today, Guszti and Aranka went to Brasov to select an electric lawn mower, pump for the septic tank, and solar lights for the front yard for me. (At 7 a.m. he parked his car on the other side of the blocked road down the mountain. In the morning, I am going to do that. After that, a 10 minute walk on a muddy, rocky road will get me to my car. No one knows how long installing the sewer line may take.

Lilla's parents, Zoli and Andrea, help me with anything and everything. Here Lilla is reciting a poem at her Kindergarten graduation ceremony.

Judy, 2nd from the right, with 3 of her LST Readers. She is a repeat LST Worker greatly loved by the people here. To the left of her, is Blanka, a 4th year repeat Reader. On the far left is a famous Hungarian graphic and textile artist, a first time Reader! Tibor, on the far right, as well as Blanka, was in Dan's very first English Bible Discussion Small Group. Tibor recruits Readers for us, reads with the Monday evening English Discussion Group in my home when LST is not here, and stands ready to assist me at all times.

God is with me, not in some far away place, but right here...helping whether I realize it or not.

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