Why Isn’t Forty Days Enough???

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Floods, deaths, loss of everything…for more than 40 days, the rain just keeps pouring forth from the skies.  How do we keep pressing on?  Has God turned His back on us?  People ask, “How can a loving God allow such pain and heartache?”

Two answers immediately spring to mind.  The flood that devastated the village  Belin was the consequence of man’s greed…cutting the forests several years ago to sell the lumber for profit.  No one planted more trees to absorb the rain, to slow down the strength of the water as it flows over the land.

The other answer is that we live in a fallen world.  Many do not believe Satan exists.  But I am simple minded.  I believe the Word of God.  In I Peter 5:8, Peter says, “Be sober and self-controlled. Be watchful. Your adversary, the devil, walks around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” If Satan can get anyone to stop trusting God, Satan feels victorious!  He sends many hardships in our lives for that one purpose.

So, how do we keep “keeping on?”  The answer is clear…we have hope!   Hope, trust in God keeps us connected to the Good Father.  Hope helps us to “stand tall” even when life is hard.  Have you ever said, “WHAT next?  This is more than I can bear!”

Without hope, you may stumble on the path, sit down on the bench of despair.  Trudging up my Mud Mountain, tripping on the stones, I often forget to look up.  But what I am learning is that God never leaves me, sends angels to help me on that impossible path.  I cannot walk it alone.  I can’t.  It’s too much.

Lately, total strangers provide a way around the ditch instead of me having to jump over it.  One old man appeared out of nowhere to help carry a very heavy bag through the worst part of the mud, Sziszi appears behind me and catches up with me to carry heavy bags of things I need.

I am reminded that this difficult path ultimately leads to Heaven.  How easy or how hard it is to walk on it becomes unimportant.  Walking in faith that God is always with me, waiting to give me the Gift of Eternal Life with Him in Heaven fills me with Hope and Joy!  — Anne

The little creek 100 yards down the mountain from me became a raging monster!

The flood waters covered much ground, filling basements, destroying houses and gardens.

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Special Times with Special Friends

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