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This sign greeted me one day after working all day for the counseling center and Red Cross. My road was torn up, and I could not return to my house by car!

Weekly, raging flood waters race through Sfantu Gheorghe (Sepsiszentgyorgy) a city of 60,000 souls, my home in the Central European country of Romania.  Many countries around us are suffering from severe flooding.  But here, I see it, experience some side effects, feel the pain of those who have lost everything.

When I see the veil of water moving over the Sugash Mountains west of my home, I know that by morning another flood will be sweeping away everything in the path where the placid little creek usually flows through the north part of the city.

This is my street now.

My apple green house sits about a football field’s length up the mountain from the flood waters.  Though I have suffered no flood damage, continuing heavy rains have destroyed my living room ceiling.  While the water in my basement has been minor, my neighbors, Gusti and Adolf, had major flooding in theirs.  Water in the basement is not what I need!  Gusti and Adolf deal with the water for me.  Joco has built some great barriers that have kept most of the water out.

My radish crop was washed away down the mountainside.  My street is impassable to cars, trucks.  Slogging, rather than walking, through the mud, guessing where it may be safe to step in the oozing mud has become too much of a challenge for me.

Work crews removed the rocks from the street to install sewer lines.

My street is torn up while the sewer lines are being installed.  When there’s sun for one day, the ground dries out enough for a car to drive on it.  But what if you are up on the mountain when a heavy rain comes?  Well, you are not going to drive your car down that road until the sun shines for a full day.  (I watched a gypsy horse and wagon sink down into the mud clear up to the middle of the horse’s ribs.)

Heavy rains smoothed out the street. Just DON'T step on the dirt when it is wet! You'll sink deep into the mud.

It’s a different kind of life than I have ever experienced. However, what has not changed is that God is helping me manage through yet another difficult period in my life.  I’m thankful that God has given me a temporary place to sleep until the road is somewhat repaired.  I’m thankful that my special LST ladies, Alva, Melissa and Suzanne, are here to help and encourage me during these challenging times.

Residents along the street put stones in the deep holes so we had something to step onto. But who can walk on that?

I’m thankful that God is providing for all of my needs.  I love my work with the Red  Cross, with the Pro Nobis Counseling Center, and with the dear people God has brought into my life.  I am blessed beyond measure.  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philipians 4:13

“For it is God who is at work in you both to will and to do His good pleasure.” Philippians 2:12-18.   So, I ask you, “How much mud does it take before you choose to turn your back on God?” or  perhaps the question for you is, “What’s a little mud in your life when God is there to help you grow strong enough to deal with it?” — Anne

Come. Take a walk with me up to my house. It only takes 30 minutes when the ground is muddy.

Hooray, the sun came out long enough to dry out the mud! It will only take 15 minutes to walk from my car up to my house. Trucks high up off the ground can drive on it today. I'm going to go check on things now before the next rain hits.

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