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And God Multiplied It 10 Times

July 7, 2010, the first donation to help the flood victims here in Covasna County, Transylvania, Romania, was sent to God’s Children by a 12 year old Christian boy who has stepped out in faith to form Mission Ice Cream.  Maybe one day I can tell you that story.  But the important thing here is that Mission Ice Cream sent God’s Children $354.42, to help the flood victims.  (That was the amount his friends and relatives donated instead of spending it on ice cream the previous month.)

I have to admit that when the floods hit, I felt so helpless.  All that happened to my house was rain damage that took just 5 days to repair, and then my life was back to “normal.”  (Did I hear someone say, “Anne, your life is anything BUT normal for a woman almost 76 years old!”)

Well, anyway…That $354.42, sent by Mission Ice Cream lifted me out of the doldrums inspiring me to let you know about the needs here.  God is multiplying that donation almost 10 fold.  It has grown to $3,150. A BIG Thank You to those of you who answered the call. Adolf Papp, Pres. of Covasna Red Cross, is working through the Mayor of Belin now to meet specific needs there – food, concrete and lumber to repair houses still standing, etc.  But refrigerators are desperately needed to keep food from spoiling in the summer heat.  The Red Cross can buy refrigerators for $100 each.

We still need your help!  Tax deductible donations can be made online at by clicking on “How You Can Help” in the blue line near the top, or you can mail your check made out to God’s Children to:

God’s Children, c/o Mrs. R.Vali, 1409 Berne Ln., Lewisville, TX 75067

OK, I can’t get the underline to stop.  So, I’ll close before this line gets much longer by saying, “It is more blessed to give than receive.” Acts 20:35   Be Blessed!  — Anne

A typical village street before the floods came

The force of the raging water was so powerful...tearing up bridges, roads, houses, crops.

At Red Cross Meeting - bottom row - Magda Bedo, Reka and Adolf Papp, top row - Joco Bedo (husband of Magda) and Istvan Szekely. They ALL give tirelessly to help their people.

Red Cross Volunteers and Adolf, President of Covasna County Red Cross, planning the "next step."

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