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Urgent Need!

We gave them warm clothes. Will you help provide them with the most important book they will ever own?

Hungarian Children’s Bibles are ready to print.  I just learned that the printer is waiting to hear just how many we can pay for.  God’s Children needs $10,000, now to contribute towards the cost of printing!  Can you help?  Donate online at, or mail a check now made out to God’s Children.  Send your check to God’s Children, c/o 1409 Berne Lane, Lewisville, TX, 75067.

The Youth Group (fifteen teens) in Pacifica, CA, donated $1,000 tonight!  Will 9 others match their donation?  Can we raise $20,000?  50,000?  One Bible costs $10.  We need 5,000 Bibles this year alone.  Pray for God to rain down showers of blessings and give each Hungarian child in Transylvania their own Bible. — Anne

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them because the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  Matthew 19:14

His body will be warmer because of the winter clothes we gave. Can you help warm his heart with God's Word?

70% live below the poverty level in Romania. Give them Hope. Give them a Children's Bible in their language for $10!


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Whose Birthday Today?

Can you hear "sleigh bells ring, are you listening!" My rock garden is beautiful covered with snow!

Surprised by snow this morning! (This is the our excellent City Museum.)

Marti, Camelia, and Monica are enjoying the whipped cream and fresh fruit torte Maria uncovered after worship this morning. Seeing the cake, I asked, "WHOSE birthday is it???" (I thought I'd forgotten someone.) Laughing, they shouted, "YOURS! You won't be here on your birthday, so we're celebrating today!" New sheers on the windows made by Camelia and Mimi freshen up the place greatly!

Besides new sheers in this room & kitchen, they bought new colorful covers for the couches! (From left to right - Marioara, Camelia, Maria, Monica, Stefan, Anne and Marti.)

Unsuspecting, I joined Guszti, Aranka and family for lunch...another birthday party for me!

Are you ready for this??? Aranka made this delicious chocolate whipped cream and chopped walnuts cake!

Floating in whipped cream cake, I left the Tofalvi's to go have dinner with Adolf and Reka...oh, I was beginning to wonder...surely not another birthday party? But these people believe birthdays are important! A gourmet dinner followed by my third whipped cream cake was received with thankfulness! (They said they want to be sure I remember to come back!)

I was so absorbed in eating Reka's chicken with apple slices, and "melt in your mouth" homemade mashed potatoes, I forgot to take photos. But these lovely gifts grace my house tonight. How can I say, "Thank you," enough for such an outpouring of love today? God is good...all the time!

One of my favorite places near my home is the ancient 11th century Saas Luthern Church surrounded by a massive fortress that has apartments for all 50 families of the village of Prejmer. When the watchman announced that attackers were on the way, the bells rang out, and the villagers fled inside the well equipped fortress. It's worth a trip to Romania just to see this! Of course, following the tour of the fortress, you'll be invited to Attila and Zsuzsa's for coffee and cake...or maybe a meal! (She's another outstanding cook...and terrific Child Psychologist!)

Just so you remember that it's not always "party time," I'll close with a few photos of the children in Belin who received winter clothing because many of you care about what happens to the flood victims.

70% of the population of Romania lives below the poverty level.  You can see the effects of the strain on the faces of some of these precious children.  Their life is hard!  God bless you for helping them. — Anne

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