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Home in my own bed!

Had a good rest even tho awoke 4 times in the night. Today I am in my house. My “new” bedroom downstairs is lovely. 7 people worked Had a good rest last night even tho I awoke 4 times in the night. Today I am in my house. My “new” bedroom downstairs is lovely. 7 people worked to accomplish this.

The high today was 23 F, I’m warm in my house. I’m feeling a bit better. Resting a lot. Got out for a short walk this afternoon. Thanks be to God!

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A Day in the Life on the Road Less Travelled

Even though I was awake an hour in the night, I still had a good rest. Everyone is stretching their schedules to look after me. Guszti and a couple of the men are going to move my bedroom downstairs, and move my office upstairs. Guszti said, “Maria can go up; you are not going up.” : )

Movila Maria will stay with me in the mornings. Little Maria will be with me Monday and Wed. afternoons. Aranka will arrange some afternoons to stay with me. Before they go to bed, one of Guszti’s family will check on me. And, I am to call Adolf or Guszti if I need help in the night.

Time to take a rest. Actually, I stay in bed except for meals, bathroom and 3 short walks around the downstairs. This episode makes me do more than “slow down.” The freight train puts the brakes on completely. I have another echogram in one month. After that, I’ll know if I can become a little active. Right now, I’m too weary to care – lying in bed feels pretty good. : ) God provides all of our needs…if we listen and let Him bless us as He sees fit. He sees the “big picture.”– Anne

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No Need to Tell Me to Rest

Winter Is Still With Us

When my energy stops, it Stops. Just like the plants cease to grow for a season, and leaves fall to the ground in the Fall.  Rest is all I can do.  This is no joke.  I can choose life or death by the way I follow Dr.’s orders.

I had a good night’s rest.  Reka prepared a healthy breakfast.  I’ve already have had a nap, a mid morning snack (red bell pepper) and a slow walk around their large living room looking out at the breathtaking beauty of the snow covered mountains all around me.

And, now, it’s time for a rest.  Thank you for your prayers.  That is what is keeping me alive until my spleen gets enough Vitamin K for the capillaries to heal enough to hold the blood the way God intended.

I pray God will help all of us to accept His love until we grow strong enough to be the way He intends for us to be.

Love in Him,


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Tripped Up in Transylvania 2

Stefan Raica commented:
We just got back from the hospital. Miss Anne is feeling a little bit better. There is not a clear diagnosis yet, the doctors are running some blood tests. Also she had an ultrasound, everything seems to be normal, except for her spleen which is twice as big as it should be. She also got some plasma.

She came back from the States exhausted and that didn’t seem to go away, but worsened. One day she wasn’t able to walk, so Adolf and Reka took her in their house for a couple of days, and then we all decided that she needed to see a doctor and have some tests done.

She seems to have a severe anemia. She said to tell you that the hematologist that Adolf recommended is one of the best in Romania. She will have to stay in the hospital at least until Friday, so we will see. Blessings to you all.”

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