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Learning about Old Age

I never really “felt my age” until my spleen became double normal size. Now, I’m too tired to drive, can only be out of bed an hour before I begin to slip into extreme fatigue. I shuffle along instead of taking the long strides that got me where I was going pretty quickly.

When I’m reaching the “too tired” point, I have a hard time concentrating, and can’t remember things that I know well. Typing becomes a joke…can’t spell, can’t hit the right keys.

Why do I share this? Some might find it humiliating to reveal such personal weaknesses. I share this in case any of you reading this have a relative or friend who is elderly, and having some of these challenges. Be kind to them. They need every thoughtful thing you can do for them, every kind word you can say, every prayer you can utter for them.

I have hope of getting better. If I take care of myself with lots of rest, I have hope of living for a long time. I need myself and my friends to accept that it’s going to be awhile before I am truly better.

I am blessed with many dear loved ones who are taking very good care of me, who are patient with me, who are kind to me. My every need is being taken care of…even the need to get clothing and medical supplies here to the people with good hearts who are suffering drastically due to the terrible economy.

A group of intentional followers of Jesus are helping prepare and ship clothing and medical equipment to us here! If you’d like to help, contact —
Brenda Jones, Office Mgr
Healing Hands International –
Rapha Center
414 Blue Smoke Court, West
Fort Worth, TX 76105
PH: 817-536-3383

I praise God for all those who have risen to carry on the work while I learn how to take care of myself so I can be strong once again…and learn how to be content to move at a slower pace.

— Anne

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Can You Give Today and All of Your Tomorrows to God?

I’m still having to rest much of the time, but my mood is good. Guszti takes me for a drive each day. We go to a shop and get something that I need. Then, I come home and rest for an hour or two.

This afternoon, I “broke down” and bought a dryer. I have said for a year that I need one, but I just hate to spend $600 on a dryer. That’s for an okay brand but not the best. I saw one for more than $1,000! It had more buttons than “dogs have fleas!”

Thanks to those of you who sent Jutka a note. She should be home tomorrow night…unless she goes to stay with her mother for awhile.

This Spring, we will get a dryer to put in the apartment where the LST teams stay. (Did I hear someone say, “About time!”) Though my path took a most unexpected turn, God is still in control. I’m turning my present and future over to Him. Try it…you might like it! — Anne

God shows His love for us in each sunset.

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