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God Never Sleeps

The God Who Never Slumbers Causes the Sun to Rise and Set

Today, my labs show excellent progress. The Dr. says that my spleen is now normal size, and that the swollen lymph nodes are 80% improved – physical evidence that the lymphoma (a form of leukemia) is going away. Thank you God!

Three more chemo treatments are scheduled…one every 3 weeks. The last one will probably be on 30 August. The last two weeks were challenging, but God is always here with me. Your prayers are very important. God loves you and me, and is listening. He is God…He never sleeps. He is always available.

God is showing me, once again, that when there are rough spots in life’s road, He is still with us. We may never understand the WHY, but we can trust that God is watching over us. Remember…the Israelites joined Joseph in Egypt to be saved from starvation. They had a good life until a Pharoah came who did not know Joseph (Exodus 1:8).

They spent four hundred years in Egypt before God sent Moses to lead them out of Egypt…400 years! So, what do you think – if God kept His eye on them, will He watch over us? Romans 8:28 answers – “we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him.” Does your life, 7 days a week, demonstrate that you really love God?

God has many blessings for those who truly love Him. I am thankful for God’s Children’s Team in Romania, and here in the U.S. They are carrying on the work blessing others even tho I am ill, receiving treatment here in the U.S. God is with us. – Anne

They came to get help improving their English...and found much more than English!

This little girl had no warm coat until God's Children helped.

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