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A Glimpse of My First Week Back in Transylvania Oct., 2011

Neighbors gave me a warm welcome home! From left to right - Adolf & Reka, Guszti, Anne, Aranka!

Alva is pointing to the stacks of boxes holding the latest shipment from EEM - 10,000 Hungarian Children's Bibles! God is good! Our deepest appreciation to God, and our friends on earth who are making this possible!

Marti and Vivi had brave faces April 27, '11, when they came to say, "goodbye," the day before Adolf and Alva took me to Bucharest, Romania, to take the plane to the U.S. I had cancer. No one knew if we'd ever meet again on this earth...hundreds around the world began praying for my healing. God choose to say, "Yes."


Now we are all smiling. Cured of cancer, I was strong enough to attend the Covasna County Red Cross Volunteers Reception honoring Alva and me because our volunteer work brings hope and light to the suffering people here.

While I don’t understand the mind of God, or why He makes the choices He does, I do know this — He is God, and I am not.  Why did He send His son to die for our sins?  He has a plan for our lives.   All I have to do is offer my life to Him to be a tool in His hands to glorify Him.   To do this, I have to know what He wants from me.  The only place to learn about that is in the Bible.  That’s why I love the Bible.  I have hope of life eternal with God because I am now more than a “fan of Jesus.”  I am an Intentional Follower of Jesus.   Who will come and go with me?   — Anne

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