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Lady Spring Approaches

Lady Spring treads softly upon our Carpathian Mountains.  (These mountains are also known at the Romanian Alps.) But Old Man Winter sweeps her back with bitter blasts at night of 3 F, sometimes as warm as 21 F.

Lady Spring’s first attempt to enter 2012 here brought this bit of snow melt across from my side of the mountain –

Small patches of earth emerge from the snow.

 It is a inspiring to look out my North windows when the Full Moon works it’s magic on the snow. The stars and planets shine brightly in the clear night sky. One night, noticing the air looked white. I asked myself, “Is that fog in the air?”

Searching for a clue, I noticed that my balcony was covered with snow! An inch of clean, dry snow gathered all around our area.

Fresh snow crept in during the night leaving an inch of snow draped across our mountains. Beautiful? Yes, but most of the children have to walk to school through all the snow no matter how low the temperature is.


Lady Spring says, "Honestly, I will free you from this heavy Winter," while she once again clears patches of ground.

Life continues on with school concerts –

Gifted young pianist from the Sfantu Gheorghe Conservatory of Music amazed us with her skillful performance

It is worth getting out in the snow to attend their performance at the mansion in Akos which now serves as a place to encourage young musicians.

Gifted children, with the right aid, may enter a rewarding music career one day.

And, so sunshine or snow, life goes on in these mountains.  Pray for the people here.   – Anne

“…not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it…. You are worth more than many sparrows.”  Matthew 10:29,31

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