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God Is Still Looking after the Birds…and You!

God, using my past work in Holland & Ghana, W. Africa, rescued Levi, my neighbor’s 26 year old son, stranded in Holland. He signed a contract for a “good job” in Holland…after he arrived, discovered it was a scam. I e-mailed people who might help, googled Gemeente van Christus in Holland, phoned Prince Manso, preacher for Amsterdam Ghanaian congregation.

Prince sent Kwami, 26, to pick up Levi. Kwami took him to his apt., fed him. Jim Krumrei, missionary in Haarlem, came for Levi. Visiting the English service at Amsterdam Ghanaian congregation, Levi was deeply touched

The Krumreis, in Haarlem, loaned Levi a bike to get around!

by the kindness, singing, lesson straight from the Bible.

Jim gave Levi shelter and food for two days. Theo, Jim & Ruth’s elderly neighbor, has given Levi a free place to stay. Today, Levi got a Soci # which makes it legal to work in Holland. Levi came from the pit of despair to feeling like angels lifted him high up in the air. Pray that God will help Levi …with all that he needs. “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4

Levi is just one example of how God’s Children helps seekers build a new life. You can be a part of changing the life of this intelligent, good young man and others like him. Donate today, online. Just click on the Donate button.

God is with us! — Anne

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