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Summer in Transylvania

Summer is here, and Kyle is alive to experience it. A golf cart accident required air flight to Cook’s Children, Ft. Worth. Brain surgery saved his life. In a coma for days, he now is up & walking. Even though he still has a blood clot in his brain, the flow of blood in his body is good! Appreciate your prayers for Kyle. God is answering our prayers. Doctors are amazed at Kyle’s progress.

Welcome to my home. Tea, coffee, herb tea using herbs from my garden, or maybe some of the organic milk that I pasteurized myself?

PIck out a few herbs or flowers to celebrate your visit here in St Georghe, RO.

Guszti and Aranka made a new flower bed for me as a way to thank me for helping Levi in Holland. He has had some temporary work, but it’s sporadic. In the background, you can see the mountain top across from my mountain.

This church and fortress were built before Columbus “discovered” America.

Beautiful roses bless me day after day.

Here are some of the “flowers,” you can help by donating to God’s Children. Go to our website, click on the button, and donated generously.

So many good things are happening…trustworthy, hardworking Summer Intern, Sibianu Marti, will server a 3 month internship under my direction. God is always good! — Anne

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