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Life in Romania

I enjoy living in Transilvania and observing how life is in this country, in the region where I am. I see that people here are hard-working. Those who have a garden, grow their own vegetables. People who live in the rural area provide their own food:
they grow vegetables, they keep cows for milk, cheese and butter, chickens to provide eggs. They work on the fields in order to put food on the table.

I have beautiful vegetables from my garden…because I have a sprinkler system and can water my plants. Here you see: homemade cheese, strawberries, radishes, purple onions, lettuce, and Hungarian potato bread…all organic!

Transylvanians also put a strong emphasis on traditions. They hold several celebrations where the youth dress up in traditional costumes, women bake “kürtőskalács”. These celebrations show that people are grateful for what they have.

They make “kürtőskalács” while you watch…it comes hot off the coals!

There are folk dance clubs where children learn traditional dances, performing in their traditional clothing at special occasions.

Women adore flowers.  At most of the places I have visited,  women have a small flower garden near the house. They delight in having flowers everywhere.

Even though Romania is a poor country, there are many talented children who are able to attend music school financed by the State to develop their skills.

One of our local girls, only in 9th Grade, is 2nd Chair, 1st Violin, in the Brasov Conservatory of Music for school age children. Quite an accomplishment!

Beside the positive sights, I have to mention also that we do have children who are in need, who are left alone because their parents must work abroad to earn money to feed their children.  There are children who are not able to attend school because they don’t have shoes to wear in our many months of cold weather.  Children who are abused are brought to our attention. We have people who cry out for love and understanding.

Preschool children attend a day care center where they get nourishing meals, play and nap time. Soon Marti will begin a weekly program for these children at their center.

Because of your help, God’s Children is able to provide clothing, shoes, food, counseling, education to help good people here find their way to become self sustaining.  I am praying to God to give peace in our hearts. We can say that whatever happens to us first passes by God’s sight. — Marti and Anne
“…not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.” Matthew10:31

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