Different, but not by much.

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This is Lauren Selensky writing to you. I have done so many new things this week; including, but not limited to, writing for this blog! This is also the first time I have left the Americas. Several of my friends have visited Europe before and returned with stories of how different and strange everything was. I came prepared for anything; however, it is not the differences that stand out to me, but the similarities.


When Kaki and I arrived at the LST apartments they were clean, there was food in the pantry, and there were flowers in every room. Ms. Anne and two of her friends, Camelia and Maria, had been busy preparing a home for us. These people are very kind and patient when we do not understand or try to cobble together a sentence in another language.


Maria, whom I had known for only two days, invited me to go with her to a symphony hosted by a local Catholic Church and by St. George’s Music Academy. I could not understand the words, but the voices and the music were enough. It was beautiful!


Already, my teammates and I are beginning to feel at home. Our brothers and sisters in Christ have the generosity and friendliness that in Texas, we call southern hospitality. It has been a real blessing to find familiarity here in Romania.

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