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Elijah and the 900 Bibles

When the Plog LST (Let’s Start Talking) team was in St. George last year, they had dinner one night at HU-HUs, which is a place for children to play while parents relax.  Shannon was snapping pictures of Elijah (a favorite pastime of hers).  Elijah met and made friends with a little girl on the playground.  The little girl’s mother noticed that Shannon was taking pictures of the two children and asked Shannon to post the pictures on Facebook so that she could see them.


Elijah and his Let’s Start Talking friend in St. George, Covasna County, Transylvania, RO

Shannon and the girl’s mother struck up a Facebook acquaintance.  This year the little girl and her mother came to the first LST party.   God’s Children had e-mailed every school librarian in St. George during the past year and had offered a Hungarian children’s Bible for every student in their schools. 

Most librarians jumped at the chance and gave every student a Bible. In talking with the mother, Shannon found out that one of the school librarians had never received the e-mail.  Nora, the librarian, requested the Bibles…and 900 children’s Bibles are now at her school waiting for the students to return from summer vacation.

All of this transpired because of a little boy who made a friend and a good mother who followed through on her promise to post pictures.  God uses us all.  Thank you, God, for Elijah who was chosen by you to put Bibles in the hands of 900 children.

— L. Ward, (Living in St. George, assisting Anne with the work of God’s Children)

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