The Truth About Marriage….

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Want Your Marriage to Last As Long As You Both Shall Live? Thank you, Chelsea Dent, for shareing with us the way to help that happen! ~~ Anne

Making A Dent in The World: One Child at A Time


So, I think we all have this idea in our head about what marriage will look like and how happy and fun and lovey dovey it will be, but the truth be told….it’s a crock. Marriage is not all butterflies and daisies and sunshine; it is messy and imperfect and takes true dedication and hard work all the time.

The Truth Is Marriage Means Being Selfless

From the moment you say, “I Do” you are agreeing that you will never be the center of your universe again, you will always have another person to consider. It means saying no to yourself sometimes and saying yes to your spouse and doing things you may not always want to do. It means giving 100% of yourself to someone else 100% of the time.

The Truth Is Marriage (in its own way) Is Much Like Parenthood

Like parenthood, there are no days off…

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