Brokenhearted – A Silicon Valley Testimony

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When all you have done is not ‘]”good enough!”
~~ Anne B.

Biblical Viewpoint

In her desperation in the privacy of her hotel room, she simply spoke out loud to no one specifically and said: “I give up. I can’t fix this.” 

I heard a compelling faith story this week. It was shared by a relatively new Christian at a regional Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast event. As a high-achiever who grew up in a non-religious home with a strong distaste for religion and a preferred focus on human accomplishments, this professional married woman and mother of 3 teenage children succeeded in attaining her goals of work success, family, and social status in this performance-oriented California culture.

Yet something was missing.

There was still an emptiness and void that no achievement could fulfill. Against all practical advice from friends, co-workers and family, she even ended up leaving her established job with a major high-tech organization and explored a job that she thought would…

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