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God’s Gracious Provision

Romania is a country of physical beauty and also of abundant provision.  Nearly very household has a garden, and every family works hard during the growing season to store food for the long, cold winter.  It is a common sight to see families working in the garden.  It is an everyday task for them to gather and process garden produce for future use when the gardens are long since dormant.  Transylvania is the breadbasket of eastern Europe, and the garden produce is wonderful.This week we have worked hard making raspberry jam, apricot jam, black currant juice and rose petal jam.  A trip to the piac , pronounced pea – ach’, is a visual reminder of how God blesses us with such abundance.  This open air market is made up of many stalls where the farmers can sell their crops.  The quality and variety of foods is genuine “eye candy” to any foodie.  Thank you, God, for our daily bread and for your wonderful provision.

~~ Linda Ward and Anne Boyd

Joco (Joseph) tends my gardenImageThe Piac’, a popular place year round to add to what they grow in their summer. ImageImageLinda and Friend making black currant juice!Image

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Youthful Enthusiasm Returns to St. George!

3 of the 4 Generations on this LST Team!

3 of the 4 Generations on this LST Team!

An LST team (Let’s Start Talking) with 9 members arrived in St. George Saturday, July 6. The large team led by Mike Plog and his wife, Shannon, consists of 4 adults and 4 teenaged workers. Of course, Elijah, the Plog’s 6 year old son is wearing his LST Team shirt. He’s got the shirt…he’s part of the Team (in training)!

The team first came to St. George last summer. They liked it so much that they were excited to return. With seven workers reading 7 hours a day, that is 49 hours of instruction a day, or 245 hours a week. Nineteen teenagers from St. George attended the organizational meeting on Monday, July 9, at the Red Cross Building and signed up to read. Now, there are 22 teens reading! Six adults also are reading. What a blessing!

THANK YOU to Mike, Shannon, Merle, Peggy, Andy, Brooke, Mariah, Jordan and Elijah for your generous gift of your time!

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