But…where are they going?  WEST!  No one wants to stay in Romania!  All want to get as far away from Russia as possible. Here is what is happening…Tuesday evening, Gregor (not his real name) got a phone call, “In a few minutes a train load of 100 refugees will be stopping in Saint George for only 10 minutes.  They need food, water, enough supplies to make the overnight trip to Budapest, Hungary! 

We need your prayers and donations to help the flood of Ukrainian refugees who make it across the Ukrainian-Romanian border. Our Volunteers Sunday helped the 300 who escaped in cars, on trains, and swimming across the icy river dividing Ukraine and Romania!  (Have no fear of evil people entering here…UNICEF photographed, fingerprinted and entered all in the database.)

Brain clicking…where to find food and water for 100 people? Within a very short time???  Nothing short of a miracle, God helped Gregor put together enough, blessing the refugees with supplies for the long night’s trip to Budapest, Hungary. A special “fast train,“ going Brasov, RO – Budapest, HU.  No stops until Budapest in the morning! Once there, they have tickets to go West to the free land of their choice!

Here  is what we need your help with…First prayers for wisdom, guidance.  Second, funds to keep enough supplies ready for 500 so we can put our hands on them the minute we get info a train is near. All you have to do is go to  Page 1, click DONATE button on the left hand side of Page 1. God bless your caring hearts! ~~ Anne Boyd, LCSW, CEO God’s Children

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